Atlas Plumbing & Heating in Marshfield and Montpelier – Serving all of Washington County, VT

Atlas Plumbing & Heating LLC is a full service truly “one stop” plumbing Mechanical company. The Owner ( Benjamin Carey ) trained with several master plumbers for a decade before starting this company in 2012. The experience gained in that decade was very diverse and contained a broad array of influences.

Starting out right here in Vt, Benjamin learned about residential service and construction. Then in 2011┬áhe accepted a job that brought him into the commercial world. A 1 year contract plumbing for the US government installing systems in the Middle east. It presented many challenges that required a “thinking outside the box” mentality. ┬áThis attitude and experience has allowed Atlas Plumbing to take on some challenging projects and stay on the cutting edge of a changing profession.

Benjamin Carey


Benjamin Carey began plumbing after high school and has been doing so ever since with only one break in working for a military deployment with the Vt. National Guard.
Starting out in residential service locally here in Vermont, Benjamin then branched into the commercial world and excepted a 1 year contract servicing troop housing and food facilities in Afghanistan. Eventually aiding in teaching local Afghans the trade of plumbing and the importance of clean water and proper sanitation. From there he returned back home in 2012 and founded Atlas Plumbing and Heating.
As a master plumber he draws on those many years of experience in many fields to provide expert technical service in the plumbing and heating field. Having branched out into the water, gas, oil and solar world, Benjamin keeps on the current edge of the technological changes effecting the service world. It is these technologies that most interest him and keeps pushing him to learn more about what energy can be harnessed from the environment and used to serve Vt homes.